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And your favorite scent is....


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Forgive me if this is the billionth time such a topic has been posted.

Anyway, I recently got the "Home For the Holidays" scent and absolutely love it. Currently, it would have to be my favorite since it really brings back lots of Christmas memories.

I know that sounds a bit "mushy", but I'm sure the same is true for others as well. Besides, your nose has a direct neural connection to your brain, so scents can be powerful memory invokers (can you tell I have studied neuroanatomy in the past?) ;)

As far as non-seasonal scents go, I picked up "Irish Creme" from Lone Star Candle Supply several years ago. I haven't had it since, but from what I remember it was a very good scent.

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There's no way I could pick just one favorite scent. I have tons of favorites, just depends on my mood (and how much of it I've poured in the last few days, lol).

Chestnuts & Brown Sugar

Hazelnut Cappuccino

Amish Harvest

Fruit Slices

Tropical Fruit

Mojito Cocktail

Christmas Splendor

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Ironic that you should ask as I have one buring right now and I can't stop thinking how great it is. It fills up my 1100 sq foot house in no time. It's an Aveda dupe, very Spa like. OOB it's strong but then it morphs into an even better (still strong) scent when lit. I got it from DayStar candles. This seems to be one of their most popular ones and I can see why. I absolutely love it. Beware: once you go to Daystar and read their descriptions you may end up buying more that you want. They are great with their marketing. Not that that's a bad thing because I have loved all my FO's from there.

And if you like mint, try Scented Bean's Refresh Mint. It's got a touch of mint but hell if I can describe the other fragrances in it. I would also catagorize it as a SPA scent. Very very unique and I love it. Not Eucalyptisy (is that a word?) or anything. I made some Refresh Mint and Bunchberry and Moss and they sold very fast here. I guess people want to de-stress in Seattle :)

seattle 70

What does Shampure smell like?

Sounds intriguing here!


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I have a lot of different favorites too,,,I love "Home For The Holidays" and I had to order more as people love that scent here,,it was a good seller for me,,,On my favorite though I like Amish Harvest, Rose Bouquet, pear spice and I could go on and on,,LOL,,All from Peaks. Now I am concentrating on what scents would go for Valentines day and Springtime. :D Tried Patchouli but didnt like it,,It is an aquired scent

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