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Went to a craft show today and...

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It's one that I attended 2 years in a row and had great success. Gave my business card and said I would love an invite next year.

There was a scentsy rep there. I picked up a few of the tarts and omg- they are FUGLY.. Look like they need a second pour and the nasty look of the wax when I flipped it over to see the bottom cubes. EWWWW I am so not impressed with them.

Then Partylite. Dear God-- To think about 15 years ago I thought they ROCKED! They had some jars on clearance and I saw one that the wick was WAYYYYYYYYYYY off to the side and NO warning label at the bottom. I asked how much for that jar which was like maybe 4-5 oz at the most ( it didnt say ).. She said, Oh it was $ 12 and now its down to $ 10. I said " why is it marked down?" She said it was because it was older. I then ( Not being able to contain myself) asked if she could lower it because the wick was way off. She said Oh hun.. That is just because it needs to be trimmed and once you light it , it will go back to the middle. :lipsrseal I so bad wanted to argue it but I said, ah ok nevermind then.. And :tiptoe: off to other booths.

My husband told me that I should come back to this place next year because I could blow them away with prices and the looks alone of my product. It really made me feel good about how I make candles vs these huge companies that just PLAIN SUCK!

BTW- I heard the the Scentsy Rep say to a customer " We are # 1 in candles and Scentsy will probably put Yankee out of business within 2-3 years." :laugh2: *faint*

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I have always thought if we all got together and formed our OWN company .....we would knock both Scensy AND Yankee out of the water. We would have little "factories" all over the world with very little overhead. Anyone game?

Kind of like a candle coop? If we could get bulk supplies at a cheaper price that would be one benefit.

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The main thing obviously, in a big candle company is advertising. If you get the right advertising the sales will follow. Advertising costs LOTS of money. So members would have to "chip in" to make it happen. That is where it gets sticky.

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I finally sniffed some Scentsy samples the other day (one of the volunteers at work was having a party and asked if I wanted to buy anything. I just giggled.), but I figured it was a good time to smell the thing that so many people get all "squee" over. I was NOT impressed, very weak scents, and some of them smelled downright nasty. Over priced burners too. I just don't understand the draw, I guess it's the ungodly marketing budget and the legions of hypnotized salespeople.

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