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Shredded Soap Base/rebatching?


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I am new to soap so I thought starting out with re-batching would be a good way to experiment before I move into making it from scratch. I did see the shreds on pv site but I also thought that was bit expensive.


Thanks for the brambleberry link. I see alot items in addition to the kit I like as well.

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Do you have any CP soap from swaps or something you can shred? Or maybe some people will send you fugly bars of soap for you to shred/rebatch. A friend just sent me a flat-rate box FULL of soaps for me to rebatch! She didn't like the scent and luckily they were a light color. Now to just shred and play!

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You can even rebatch/handmill with store bought soaps if you're desperate. I did that with Ivory soap a long time ago. Although the better the soap you start with the better your end product is going to be. But if you have a few CP soaps and a copule bars of Ivory, etc. you could at least make a small batch to play with it.

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