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Ive been stocking this store since the first of the year with my votives. She didnt buy very many to put in her store and Ive only been in there about 5 times this year. She in a bad location and its a combination water filteration(?) and gift shop. Anywho,she called and wanted more candles and jars brought in.I go in and almost all candles are gone and she has other things on my shelf. Gift bags,tarts and a few jars from someone else. She brought almost 150.00 worth of votive candles and wants me to bring an even bigger shelf and about 10 jars.Im thinking because she wants to use it to put her stuff on??? Do any of you have an agreement that your stores have to order in a certain time frame? I dont want to provide her with storage space for her stuff.How do I word it in a contract????? Thanks for any advise,candlelady

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call me Mr Inexperienced Candle Bloke but you supply your own shelf for her shop?

i don't know if this situation is normal but i'd tell her to get stuffed - if a store wants your products then sell it to them, if not, then concentrate on other area's.

or, better still, give her a shelf with a bloody great big logo of yours engraved across it!

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Maybe some sort of a display for your product branded with your company logo would work if she is a client you feel is worthwile. I have seen some nice ones in the show display pics others have posted on this site. I work for an international skincare company and we often come accross this in salons and spa's so as part of our terms and conditions we very nicely state the following:


1.1 Posters, tester stands and other display material are supplied at the discretion of the Company at no charge on delivery of an opening order and shall remain the exclusive property of the Company and shall be returned to the Company forthwith upon request in writing by the Company. The Company undertakes to pay the reasonable cost of the return of such material to our offices."

Maybe you can adapt this for your purposes and make it clear that it

remains your property and that you will remove it should it not be used to

display your merchandise. We prefer to provide display material becuase

then we can at least ensure that our product is represented in such a

way that it compliments our brand and not in between other junk etc.

Just my thoughts - I hope it helps!


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I think she probably just put those items on the shelf to keep it from looking empty. Maybe she wanted to order sooner but didn't have the money. And she didn't want the shelf to look alone and empty. I think you should just let it go for now. And see how she stocks it now that she has more of your stock to put on there. Now, if in a month or so you go in there and she still has the other items plus your items on there. Then what do you do? Depends on if you want to keep her as a customer or not. If your candles are still on that shelf along with other items, then I would leave it. Maybe they compliment each other in sales. But if it is just the other stuff and not yours, and yours are somewhere else. Then I would talk to her. But I think that right now, it would not be in your best interest to peck at the small stuff.

Sometimes we want to speak up, but ya have to pick and choose without being stepped on.

This is just my view on the situation. santa cool

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