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Your Must Haves From Candle Science


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I'm putting in an order at Candle Science and want to try some of their fragrances, as I haven't tried any of theirs yet. They are one of the closest sellers to me (within reasonable driving distance) so I can save on shipping this way.

What are your MUST HAVE fragrances from them that have good hot and cold throw in soy wax? Thanks! :smiley2:

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Not sure about soy but what I love for my cbl para wax blend from Candlewick and what is popular for customers..

Pumpkin Souffle

Ocean Breeze

Blueberry Cheesecake

Clean Cotton

Cotton Candy


French Vanilla

Hazelnut Coffee

Mac Apple

Peanut Butter Cookies

Red Hot Cinnamon

I know I cant help you with soy but wanted to give you some to think about.

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Mac Apple

Beach Linen

Smoke & Odor Eliminator


Apple Jack n Peel

Hansel & Gretel

Clean Cotton

Sweet Pea

Sun Washed Linen

Those are the ones off my head that I have used with good results in soy. FYI the dreamsicle as mentioned in a previous post is NOT recommended for soy per CS website. They have alot that I've sniffed OOB but have not had a chance to put into soy yet.

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All of them!! LOL

well I havent tried all but mostly all- the strongest throwing for me in 464 are:

Lavender (in melts and candles)

Smoke and Odor Eliminator (in melts and candles)

Oakmoss & Amber (in melts and candles)

Mistletoe (in melts and candles)

Clean Cotton (in melts and candles)

Honeycomb (in melts)

Beach Linen (in melts)

Caribbean Teakwood (in melts)

I mix Day at the spa and Rainwater - amazing (in melts and candles)

Lemon Verbena (in melts and candles)

Honeysuckle Jasmine (in melts and candles)

Mac Apple (in melts and candles)

lavender vanilla (in melts)

Dragons Blood (in melts)

Frank & Myrrh (in melts and candles)

Gardenia (in melts)

Grapefruit & Mangosteen (in melts and candles)

Nag Champa (in melts)

Jamaica me crazy (in melts)

Sex on the beach (in melts and candles)

Vanilla Hazelnut (in melts)

Banana Nut Bread (in melts) tester candles poured but havent lit yet

Very Vanilla (in melts)

Angel (candles and melts)

Amaretto Nog (in melts)

Baby Powder (in melts and candles)

Black Cherry (in melts and candles)

Blue Spruce (in melts)

Cinnamon Buns (in melts and candles)

Citronella (in melts) tester candles poured but havent lit yet

Raspberry Truffle (in melts and candles)

Gingerbread, Christmas Hearth and pumpkin souffle are strong also in melts but I did not care for them at all

I have in the works to test:

Hansel and Gretels house

pumpkin pie

cream brulee

Spice Market

Black Raspberry vanilla

Maple syrup


Raspberry Sangria


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