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Website opinions?


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I hope this is okay to post it in this section. I was wondering if anyone could let me know what they thought of my new design I did for "www.lilcandlestore.com" I am still adding new photos to the website daily, so there will be graphics in place of the photos that are not there yet. And I am adding new pages, too.


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can you provide the hyperlink? I went to look, and came up with several, but I think you are this one:


I'm having trouble with Internet Explorer for some reason tonight; I'm going to reboot and attempt it again. Do you own the company, or just do design?

Checking back in a bit...



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Link Exchanges are traffic bleeds. Keep visitors on YOUR site, don't send them to someone else's.

Free shipping on 40+ is going to cost you $$$'s. Candles are heavy. As an example, with packaging, 3 good size candles from SC to CA would cost me 12.14 for Priority Mail. If I use Flat Rate Priority, it would still be 10.50. Eats up any profit real quick! That's a minimum of over 3.00 per candle lost!

Sites looking nice though.


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