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honey gingerbread bw must haves


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Although I LOVE how BW FO's smell, I don't think they are very strong. All of the ones I've tried including the honey gingerbread have been weak. :(

2 years ago when I first started making candles I bought a sampler set from BW. Oob I loved the Pumpkin Cornbread and Pistachio Dream Cake and bought bigger bottles, but I've since sniffed TCS Pumpkin Cornbread and like it better. The Backwoods PC didn't really wow me in wax. I also had a sample of their Tamarind & Ginger, I love the scent but again in wax it's pretty soft, nothing like how my kitchen smelled when I made candles with it!

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They throw great for me as well in cbl 125 and 141

Honey Gingerbread is awesome..

Woodland Breeze is a big seller ..

Lemon Tart is a huge seller

Amazon Teakwood is super strong- hubby loves that one

Gingerbread Latte- very nice

Mac Apple- my customers love this one

Chocolate Turtle Cheesecake- I love it but its not a seller for some reason but more for me to make for my own chocolate stash :)

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I love BW Honey Gingerbread. I've used it in palm and CB135 and my parasoy blend and it works great in all of them. Very strong and uber yummy!!

They have some great FOs that I like; Pumpkin Cornbread, also in love with her Black Irish, Cashmere & Pearls, Coconut Curry Custard, Cucumber Mint, Pear Vanilla, Pink Pepperberry, Rice Flower & Shea, Runestone, and Tropical Fusion. Haven't tried them all but there a lots more I want to try when I get some cashola.

Just because they may not work in your wax doesn't mean that they are not good and strong FOs. They work great in my waxes that I tested in and also M&P soap.

My absolute must haves from BW are Black Irish and Honey Gingerbread.

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