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Bath Bomb Mix Hardened Up


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My idea was to make bath bomb mixture and package it in 4x6 stand up zip bags in a powdered form instead of making shapes like a bath bomb.

So I mixed a couple of batches of 1 cup baking soda and a 1/4 cup of citric acid, added FO and soap dye. I put 5oz of the mixture in the stand up zip bags and after an hour or so, I went to add labels to the bags and some of them were as a hard as a rock.

The interesting thing is, out of the 6 bags I made, the ones I colored red, and orange were the only 3 bags that became hard, the others (blue, green, yellow, and purple) were fine and still very powdery.

The blue, yellow, green and purple colors I bought from one supplier, the red & orange colors I bought from a different supplier.

Why would the liquid colorant turn this mixture hard like that?

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