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I got a sample of Midsummer Night from Peaks with my last order. I only got it because the reviews said it was a manly smell. After I got it, my wife and 12 year old daughter said they didn't like it because OOB it smells too much like cologne. Well the disagreement started. My daughter chimed in and said, "dad candles should smell pretty, not like cologne". Ok I let them win this one. Well its now over a week later and I decided to burn the tester in my bedroom. We are talking a 16x16 room with 9' ceilings. So far in less than 45 minutes the HT is so awesome and its starting to make its way across the hall to my daughters room. She now smells it and yells "dad whats that it smells awesome!!" :tongue2: Now its my turn....I replied its sweet floral something. I am trying out a new scent but I don't really care for it! She then proceeds to take the tester out of my room and put it in her room. I took the label off before so she has no idea. My wife comes home and starts rambling with her about how good it smells. I have played right along with this and still havent told them what it is except sweet floral. I will play this one for a little while.. By the way this FO rocks in 415 and smells awesome!!


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