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Shelf Life of Soaps


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The soap can last for months or even a year or two. The scent may or may not. Unfortunately the only way to find out is save a bar for several weeks, months, etc. to find out if it lasts.

Then sometimes the outer layer will lose scent. Then when you was with it the scent may come out. But again, it depends on the oil as some last longer than others.

I have a gingerbread scent that only lasts for a couple months and a pine scent that lasts for months and months.

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I forgot to mention that cello wrap is better than saran warp as far as retaining scent longer over time. The saran will stretch over time and in some cases actually adhere to the soap. I am guessing this is because of moisture build up. I don't really know exactly why. Sometimes I wonder if the saran is actually sucking out the scent. LOL!

I think you should get that saran wrap off if you plan on preserving the soap longer. If you are only going to keep them for a month or so before remelting, then you are fine leaving the saran on. You also should store the soaps well.

You can change the color. If the soaps are orange and you add red, you can achieve a lovely rose peach color that is wonderful for a variety of scents.

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