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Whipped Shea Packaged


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They're all refined shea expect the lavender scented whip. I colored w/ liquid B&B dye/colorant, pink is pink sugar (I added vanilla stabilzer), creme color is warm vanilla sugar (vanilla stabilizer again), one green, the real light one, is pears'n berries (smells AWESOME) the other is the peppermint foot shea the only one I have the label on right now. Not looking forward to labelling 30 +jars. Brown which I colored using cocoa powder is devils food chocolate and the purple is lavender scented- I used the unrefined shea from Leslie's co-op. The lavender is unrefined shea and shea oil with no preservative-el natural- I forgot to add the preservative so now I'll have a variety :D. The others I used a variety of other butters and oils (mango, sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil frat.....)

Jwahlton as you can tell for above I do use oil and FO- I've never tried whipping just shea- do you and if so how does it compare to shea w/ the oils added (fluffier, stiffer, etc?)

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