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Keepers of the light fragrances


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Hi Scented, yes I love the jars with the black lids. Did you see the Pumkin jars they are adorable and I also like their Lantern jars. I'm guessing most of these jars are made in China.

A couple of their new scents sound really good like the Mountainside Lodge, Rustic Woodland Fig, Pops Pipe and of course the one you mentioned Sandalwood & Cedar!!

I purchased one of their Lantern candles a couple years ago at a flea mkt just because I like the jar and it really smelled good.

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Keepers of the Light have been in business for quite a few years ... and first started out selling wholesale at the Living & Giving Trade Show in Chicago in the handmade portion called Beckman's. I've seen jars very similar to the ones they use that are made in Mexico.

I personally only had one request for a dup and after checking really couldn't find the exact oil so I suspect they have proprietary formulas.

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