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Lonestar Sample Sale!


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Never tried Lonestar. I'll have to check them out now! Any "must haves?"

I guess that depends on what kinda wax you use. My list of strong ones in glass glow are April Fresh Downy, Autumn Lodge (although that one does not sell too well), Patchouli and Butternut Pumpkin. I have tried more but they did not throw the best for me in my wax but they did smell good.

I do plan on ordering some new ones during the sale!!!! :)

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Thanks for the reply, Patty. I use EzSoy wax......better stick to what I know works! I was looking at some of their FO's for soaps too. Has anyone tried their:

egyptian sheets


lemon drop

lemon lavender

lemongrass sage

pink grapefruit

in M&P soaps? These all sound yummy! Thanks!

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I can't get any Lonestar FO's to throw in any wax I have used - even with a longer cure time.

What a shame - they are good FOs for me in NatureWax C3 and palm waxes. Like any supplier, they have their "duds" and not all FOs work in all waxes, but it's unusual that none of them work...

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Stella, I agree, because they have some wonderful scents. I use a 50/50 blend of 4794/464 and usually use 1.40 oz FO per pound and I can not get a decent HT. I've bought about 20 of their FO's and the only two that work for me are Amber Vanilla and Harvest - the HT on those are amazing!

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I just happened to be on their website and found out. I didn't get the newsletter even though I subscribed to it. Go figure. Anyway, I've used their Hawaiian Breeze, Kumquat, Stargazer Lily, and Strawberry Cheesecake. The kumquat is sooooo strong that it's sickening, so I used it was a mixer with fruit slices because I was having problems with the way fruit slices was burning.

The Strawberry Cheesecake smells like one of those old-fashioned lollipops with the strawberry on the top and cheesecake flavor on bottom...so more like strawberry candy. Stargazer Lily smells wonderful to me. It almost smells like hyacinth, which is one of my favorites.

Hawaiian Breeze was a Godsend for me because I was using Tropical Infusion from Just Scent and they discontinued it. Since it was one of my bestsellers, I spent a lot of money trying to find a twin, and I hit it right on the money with LS's Hawaiian Breeze.

I wanted to try their Cranberry Peppermint and some of their other christmas scents. Anybody tried the Cranberry Peppermint or anything Christmas from LS?

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