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C3/Eco Wicks for Tins....

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The Wicks Unltd. Chart shows the ROC for Eco wicks to be .26 for Eco8/ .27 for Eco10/ .28 for Eco 12.

I seem to have better luck with glass jars, but I'm trying to conquer 4 oz tins.. 2 5/8" diameter- C3 wax. My testing shows my ROC to be around .10 for these 3 wicks. I've read that Eco 10/12 is a good starting point for this size tin. I'd love to know what you all use for this size tin if you use C3. Thanks!

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I only have Eco wicks..lol. The tins I've done with an Eco 6 never burned all the way down on the sides.

Here is the candle with an Eco12 at exactly 2 hours (ROC was .3oz in 2 hours):


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Hello, I don't know if this will help or not but I poured some 2oz test tins a few days ago, I use GB464 and I used ECO 4 wicks and they burned perfectly. I can also add that the fresh coffee from CS has a fantastic HT even though I had to fix the tops of all the coffee ones, must have been the FO because I poured 4 more with diffent FO and perfect tops.

Again, not sure if it helps but I can tell you the ECO 4's in the 2 oz tins burned great.

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