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No such thing!

Natures Natural India

Cucumber Oil

inner-top.jpg Product Discription: Cucumber oil has a fresh and crisp fragrance. It is extracted from the fruit of cucumber which is already known for its cooling effect. It is a rich source of proteolytic enzymes, vitamins like B1 and C. Because of its nice effect on eyes and skin, cucumber oil is used for healing the facial problems such as formation or detoxification of skin.


100 ML $39.00 buy-now.jpg 300 ML $63.00 buy-now.jpg 700 ML $88.00 buy-now.jpg 1000 ML $110.00 buy-now.jpg 2000 ML $170.00 buy-now.jpg General Name : Cucumber Oil Botanical Name : Cucumis sativus Method of Extraction : Cold Pressed Part Of Plant Used : Seed Origin : India Application : Wide use in the manufacturing of soaps • It is also used in aromatherapy due to its mild and soothing scent • Used as an excellent product for all the skin types, it is very nourishing and rich in vitamin C and proteins • Also used for manufacturing Strength of Aroma : Medium Color: soft violet and musk Blends Well With : olive oil, cucumber juice Aromatic Scent : Mild scent of carrier oils History : Cucumber was originated in India and Egypt thousands of years ago. Its usages in those times were also the similar, such as de-stressing eyes and providing the soothing and cooling effect on the facial skin. Precautions : Should be avoided during pregnancy. Not recommended

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