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Ok call me crazy


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But I'm thinking about adding MP soap to my line that I carry in my shop/store. I already make candles and sew tote bags for the store whats one more thing right? :smiley2:

Since I have never made soap before I need your expert advise as to what I should buy to start making MP soap. I've been reading your posts and looking at different web sites for bases, molds, ec.t but there are so many options that I'm looking to the experts on this one. I don't want to waste money buying the wrong items to start out. After that I know it will TEST,TEST,TEST until I get it right.

I appericate any help you can give me.

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It will help if you decide what kind of soap you want to make. That will determine the tools and base you need to get started.

Basic M&P tools for soapmaking are:

1. thermometer

2. accurate scale that weighs in pounds, ounces, and grams

3. measuring spoons; preferably stainless steel

4. microwave safe bowl; a large pyrex measuring cup is perfect for this

5. M&P base

6. soap dyes (optional)

7. EOs, FOs, etc. (optional)

Once you get started and have some practice under your belt you may want to invest in a soap meltor if you are planning to make bulk soap for your shop. I use a 10 lb rice cooker. Wish I could have found a bigger one. I make 40-60 lbs of soap at a time and need a bigger meltor.

Read thru the M&P recipe thread for some easy peasy M&P recipes and ideas for soap molds and their care.

Hope this gets you started. I hope others will chime in and add to the list what they use.

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Candybee- can you use a Presto Pot as a MP melter?

I don't have a presto pot so I never tried it. But I have read posts by some who have used their presto pot. I think PrairieAnnie uses a presto pot. But I don't know what setting to put it on. Just make sure you don't heat your base higher than 185-190 degrees. Also, make sure you follow directions for your mold. My milky way molds need the soap temp to be no higher than 135-145 degrees when you pour the base into the mold.

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