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CS Caramelized Pralines smelling like Hot Popcorn/Styrofoam?


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I had a caramelized pralines tart burning yesterday when my partner came home. I LOVE the scent, and OH walked in and said "That has a really sweet smell at first, but underneath it smells like cat vomit". Ewww.

I guess it's not so much the oil it's self, but a persons perception of it. He also has a much better nose than I do.

My partner also hates hazelnut cappuccino and I think it's awesome...

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I should now add that...this popcorn smell was directly in hot wax.

Now that it is set up (pour date of 9-24), it is minimal CT.

I'm going to give this a week to cure, as I have found with my 464 that cure time is essential...and I'm gonna light this baby up. I would be interested to see if it changes from popcorn/styrofoam to caramelized pralines once it is cured and burning. I will definitly let you know.

If it shouldn't work out :laugh2: I think I have another 1oz sampler from CS, if anyone would like it. Cause I know I won't pour it again.

I've never gag'd pouring.....

until now. :lipsrseal

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