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Soy wax


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Hi, I bought a vegetable wax, the description gave by the supplier is in the thread:


I asked the supplier if he could tell me exactly what type of vegetable wax was, he told me it's soy wax.

But I never heard that soy could "simulate snow flakes" if cooled rapidly in the freezer...

It's the first time I use something different from paraffin, is there anybody to help me understand more?


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Hi Jeana, no the wax I have is not for overdip.

I made a small candle to see if "snowflakes" appear, but I didn't see them

All I have is a very nice smooth candle that looks exactly like a soy candle.

Since I've never heard that soy "developes" snowflakes, it seemed to me a bit strange that supplier tells me this is soy wax and it does.

I was just curious about soy properties, in Italy it's all so approximate and I hate it, I would love to have clear and correct information on what I buy, but it's impossible!!!

But don't mind, it was just a curiosity, when I'll test thsi wax seriously then I'll have true questions!!!

Thanks for all

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The snowflake with soy wax is also called frosting or bloom. I make soy candles and sometimes they are prefect when I first pour them but after a couple of weeks they will have frosting.

Sabrina~ Did you dye this wax? If you didn't it will be alot harder to see the frosting. And the amount of frosting you get will depend on the conditions the candle was poured. Such as temp, what type of dye you use, an fragrance oil used. I have found that when I use dye blocks my candles don't not frost. I was told that dye blocks are made from Pariffin, so that will slow the frosting. (I am not sure if it is true) Also when I use fragrance oils that have a lot of cinnamon in them WOW, you want to see frosting. Mine always frost when I use oils with cinnamon.

I hope this helps you a little bit. If you want to know more just ask!

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Many thanks Lorrie, I have no time now but the first I want to do when I get the time is to test this wax.

I like the idea of having a vegetable line, so I will see what I can do.

I'd like more to have palm wax, but here in italy costs as if it was gold, about $12 per pound!!!!

Thanks for all!

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