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Second Attempt M&P

Grumpy Girl

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I tried something like that last year at this time. However, I used Pink Sugar FO, my curls were pink and I did a white overpour on mine.

Yours are definitely the way to go :bow: . So this Valentine's Day I am planning on doing this and also making some pink sugar votives (with the glittery tops) I saw here on this board somewhere a few months back.

Thank you for posting this for us to enjoy.


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I can't tell you how much fun I'm having both in doing this and thinking of possible designs and methods to get the effects I have in my head into the soap. I credit Slaztoo and Michi on the curls, I got the technique from seeing what they've done.

M&P is definitely an artsy craft. I love the lather of CP, but I love the range of creativity and the look of M&P. Maybe I can work out a happy medium. :D I tried to add super fine glitter to one batch, but I thought it was too scratchy to give to anyone to use, so I'll just use it myself.

As for the mold, I found a medium sized loaf pan from Brookshires grocery store, although it holds more than I'd like at this point. I went to the Kitchen Collection store last night and picked up an ultra small 7" stainless steel loaf pan that I guestimated to hold about a pound to a pound and a half. I think that will work better for me right now since I don't sell and don't want tons of soap just sitting on a shelf.

Thanks again for the encouragement!

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