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gel wax/air fresheners?


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I'm wondering if the gel wax is what they use in the tin sliders for air fresheners?

I make paraffin candles and have never used gel. I've been trying to find out what kind of base they use in those. All I could figure out is the gel wax?

Help? I may wanna make these. Scentsy makes them to. I have googled and looked and can't find out anything.



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Great idea. Would the non-polarity be an issue in the original mixing of the gel? Given the higher temps needed for the HP over paraffin, wouldn't it be necessary to select FO's that still will mix well with the gel?

No it does not but flash point still matters because of the high temps for mixing. The big thing about polar FOs is that over time they can but not always start to seperate and can become pocket of FO that can catch fire. Polar FO can also at times cause clouding issues in the gel wax.

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