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First Open House


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I've recently become confident enough to really start selling my stuff and decided to have an Open House for Christmas, with pre-made product, rather than going nuts trying to fill lots of little orders.

I don't have a "large customer base" just a few faithful customers who really love my candles. I invited them and offered a free gift to anyone who brought a friend. The party lasted a little over 2 1/2 hours, and in that time I made over $600.00, another $110 from someone who came the next day, and got orders totaling another $265.00!! Needless to say, I was THRILLED!! I can't wait until next year now...LOL!! The BEST part of it is...I was able to help fly my son, who is in the service, home for Christmas.

When I started this "venture" a few years ago, it was with 10 lbs. of wax, some FO's and a few different wicks to try. I researched and filled notebooks for almost 6 months before I bought my first supplies. I started out slowly, perfecting one thing at a time before moving on to the next. For the first time ever, being poor had an advantage!! I was limited with how much I could spend on supplies, and determined not to waste anything, so I spent my time perfecting, rather than jumping on to something new. I think that's really paid off in the long run. I remember Mystical Angel telling me that I needed to buy in quantity to save money and me telling her that I would never be able to afford 50 lbs of wax or more than 1 oz. bottles of FO at a time. Now I need a second cabinet for the FO's and boxes of wax line my hallway!

I know this is kind of long winded, but I just wanted to say that testing, and patience really does pay off. I am proud of the candles I make, I know they are all tested and safe, and I can sell with confidence now. I know people don't always take the "test, test, test" advice seriously, but it's the BEST advice given on here.

I also want to thank a few people here, for helping me in this venture! My thanks to Mystical and Kimberly for their friendship and guidance, to Debbie J., who helped in so many ways and to Scented, because so many of the notes that I took came from her "words of wisdom" on here!

Anyway....Merry Christmas everyone! For the first time since my husband died, I am not worrying about how I will be able to afford the holiday. That, in itself, is a huge gift and my very own Christmas miracle!!

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Guest EMercier

I'm glad that you did well! I'm wishing I did one this year, but I've been going through some stuff myself. BUT, not anymore. I'm putting that all behind and starting my Open Houses. It's seems like most are doing well. I too worry about Christmas and how will I make ends meet, but candles have always been that way to make them meet. ANYWAY, nice to see you did well and I hope it continues to be successful for you.

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Thank you everyone! I am still in awe over this!! I think what did it was the gift baskets and sets that I had made up. I had 5 different kinds of baskets made up, five price ranges, sets of votives with a votive holder in gift boxes, and sets with either a tart burner or candle warmer. People liked the idea of a "complete gift" all made up and ready to go! A lot of "Secret Santa's" are giving my candles as gifts this year...LOL! A co-worker of mine has

9 (!) sisters and they have a $30 limit for exchange gifts, so she bought 9 baskets and had all of her sister gifts covered.

As to what I invested my money in....Christmas! I have lots of kids and grandkids to buy for!

Scented...I didn't think about taking pictures until the last minute and they came out dark and hard to see. Next year I will be better prepared!!

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