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My first chunky and an ooops


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I wanted to try a chunk candle with the colors I had in mind and testing the wick before I make one for my brother. It's supposed to be Ferris State University colors. I've learned a couple things from this round, but am overall pleased.


This one was made from some leftover wax that was starting to congeal and I wondered what would happen if I added some orange liquid dye and threw it in the mold. I was pleasantly surprised. This won't be a gift mainly because I like the way the top looks and I'm doubtful others will?


I've also made a five wick long xmas loaf, tophalf white and bottom half red. I took a photo but it came out crappy. It's a very pretty xmas candle, but I've definitely gotta work on the wicking. The melt pool is pathetic.

I started this "hobby" a month or so ago and basically what I've learned is that I love trying new things and that I will continue this hobby to make candles for myself and as gifts. I definitely have years to go before even considering trying to sell, so for right now I'm just going to enjoy all the trial and error and have fun with it. :)

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Thanks you guys.

"Granted, it can be any way you want, but that rough "top" is actually the bottom. Once it's trimmed and leveled, nobody would ever know the difference"

Hehe, I know! The "real" top looked nice, but I just loved the grubbiesh look for the top on this one. So Merry Christmas to me! LOL

I adore this gallery, everyone makes such awesome candles. Hopefully I'll get the professional look down someday that so many have mastered. Thanks again!

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