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brambleberry's ginger souffle


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every christmas i soap a scent that i've never tried, something very different from anything i've made, it seems more special :grin2:, and sometimes i end up with new scents that everyone loves.

my new one this year is AWESOME i can't stop sniffing the soap LOL. even my boyfriend likes it. i tried it because my mom uses a TON of stuff from origins, so i figure she must like the scent. I've never smelled it so it was going to be a surprise for me, and i am so glad i tried it.

from brambleberry's site:

Ginger Soufflé: Based on the fabulous Origin's salt scrub, this is an aromatic blend of fresh orange and cool mint top notes with a spicy warm heart of clove, cardamom, ginger and cinnamon leaf with rich vanilla base notes supporting the blend. It turns a cream color in soap.

i so miss living in the same state as them, they have to be my favorite supplier for my soaping fo's.

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