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UA with Eco Advanced Original (or other soys)


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OK, I have to do some more candles. So, now I'm back to the ORIGINAL Eco advanced (am also going to also play around with the 135, which I used a couple years ago, but don't have good notes on).

I used to use this original advanced version by itself, or with a bit of BW added if doing a darker color. My question is, does any one know what the generic Universal Additive does as an additive to this wax? (the UA is IGI 4734, its NOT one of the "soy versions"). I'm just wondering if I should even bother with testing it with container soy or just religate it to the paraffins.


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I use CBA original and I found that using UA made the candles too hard, and they didn't burn well, I added the recommended amount (can't remeber what that was). Example being I made a 3" container and with an LX-30 couldn't get a full melt pool. I usually use an LX-24.


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