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Question about MP's and chunk candles

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Hi all,

I have two waxes right now. Some 128MP straight parrafin that I want to use up as well as some nice 145MP straight parrafin.

Would it be possible for me to make chunks with 128MP (I don't really like the look of this wax and think it wouldn't be so noticeable in chunks) and use the 145 as the overpour? Will it cause the chunks to bleed a little or completely melt? Or is that moreso determined on what I heat the 145MP wax to?

I'm sorry, I'm rather new and still trying to learn about wax and what things I need to be careful of with regards to brands and MP's.

My end result goal - a "chunk" letter F for "Ferris State University" in burgandy, gold colored chunks holding it up, and an overpour of white.

Any ideas/suggestions/criticisms of my goal, would be very much so appreciated.

Thanks so much,


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Well I haven't tried exactly that but I think maybe you could do it. There's kind of a lower limit to how cool you can pour that 145MP wax considering that's a pretty high melt point for a pillar. You could heat gun the outside of the mold after pouring to make sure it doesn't come out all rustic but that might be hard on your embedded letter.

If you try it I'd suggest adding maybe 3% Gloss Poly to the low MP wax to raise the melt point by a few degrees and make it bright and opaque. You could leave the overpour translucent.

What I would REALLY do is put additives in the 129 MP wax to make a nice votive formulation and use the higher MP stuff for the whole chunky. I don't see what could be wrong with the look of it. Paraffin is paraffin.

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Or just mix it 50-50 of each and use it to make the whole thing...

Doh! Gosh I'm slow sometimes.

Top, thank you for your suggestions too!

I ended up making it the way I said I was considering 128 for the chunks and 145 for the overpour and it ended up fairly decent. I posted a photo in the gallery. I'm happy with it for my very first attempt at a chunk candle.

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