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DH had a tube of the no ad brand lip balm that he got in Florida last year. It had an spf of like 45. Anyway, he used it up and now since it's winter here in the great white north they don't sell any kind of sun products anywhere. He works outside a lot and needs a lip balm with a higher spf. Anyone know of anything I can use in my lip balms that will give it a spf in a higher range? TIA

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alright so I am bringing this back up. I know that the above mentioned oxides have SPF but is there any way to determine how much ??

this is a recipe I found that uses the titanium dioxide which is the SPF

1½ oz beeswax pearls

1 oz cocoa butter

1½ oz shea butter (natural)

2 ozs. avocado oil

1-2 teaspoons vanilla and orange flavor oil

1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon titanium dioxide white (micronized is recommended)

1 teaspoon vitamin E liquid (optional, but recommended, as a preservative)

This recipe makes 6oz I guess you can also change the flavors to your liking.

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