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My first 3-wicker


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Oh come on E!! Be brave....be very brave...think I'll fire it up (pun intended) tonight, lol! :laugh2:

Lindsay, they are 3x6 and 3x9

Sharyl, actually yes, you could use wick pins I discovered. Three 2" wick pins would work perfectly, but I only had 2 so I just pre-wicked the whole thing. Gonna order more pins though cuz it would work very slick :D

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Well....I have a hint when testing....use wick pins!! Don't wick in the mold, ask me now how I know, DOH :tongue2:! I knew better, just wasn't thinking, so now that I need to try a larger wick I can't pull the damn things out...$*(*##!.

Oh well, it's now been melted and reincarnated as a slightly shorter version of itself as well as a 3x6, might as well test that size too, cuz I am lovin' this scent :D.

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