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Max % of FO for tarts?


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When you're trying to maximize it, you'll find that it varies from one FO to another depending on how compatible it is with your wax. Each one is a different animal and only a minority of them will be highly compatible and let you reach the true maximum. So there is actually no single answer to your question, though there might be a vague range.

But regardless of what anyone tells you, even the manufacturer, the best way to find out is to make some tarts with different levels of FO and see what you think of the results. You'll learn more that way than from reading a dozen replies.

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I like your tag line. Isn't that from Moulin Rouge?

Thanks. It's from a song called Children of the Revolution by the Violent Femmes (written by Gordon Gano). I believe it was used in the film.

If you don't get seeping tarts, then you'll never truly know the answer.

Just realize it will vary. My votive formulation won't bat an eye with 8% of most FOs but 6% of BCN Creme Brulee will make it a bit greasy. High density FOs or those with less than soluble fragrance components may not be be retained as well. They bind when the mixture is hot and then partially separate.

Experiment a bit. Get a few seeping tarts. See what works reliably for most FOs and make that your baseline, then be prepared to occasionally use less (either because the FO is less compatible or it's just strong and happens to smell better in lower amounts).

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