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Bubbles N Lights suggestions


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It's mió again! I am going to make my first BNL order and am eyeballing these for Soy candles:

Herbal Mist (man do I miss the BBW lotion)

Olive Blossom

Tranquil Tropics

Coconut Bay

Sage, Sweetgrass and Cedar

Eucalyptus and Spearmint

Can you tell I love SPA and tropical types? Ha! Anyone use these? What's your opinion?

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Unless you are using their oils for B&B I wouldnt waste my money. I think their oils are very weak in candles...and I use J50. You can make vanilla extract throw in J50...lol

I use their Gentlemans Bay Rum...and OMH. but only for B&B and Soaping.

The Sage Sweetgrass and Cedar STINKS to high heavens!

Again, just my opinion.

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Herbal Mist -- I have this one but have not tested it yet

Olive Blossom -- love the scent but does not throw real strong in soy -- better in paraffin but a lighter scent

Tranquil Tropics -- have this one but have not tried it yet

Coconut Bay -- don't have this one yet

Sage, Sweetgrass and Cedar -- have this one but have not tried it yet

Eucalyptus and Spearmint -- love this one. Throws good in CB-3

The ones I use from BNL in the CB-3 are:

Spiced Vanilla -- love this one

Persimmon Spice -- really love this one -- good throw

Blueberry Verbena -- great throw

Rosemary Spearmint -- good throw

Cranberry Fig -- great throw

Warm Vanilla Sugar -- medium throw

I also use Lemon Meringue Pie -- good throw, have not tested this one in soy yet

I am probably forgetting some. I have many more in my cupboard to test. BNL has great oils and the service is great too.


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