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Dressing up drab bars!


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So how do you dress up a drab bar that smell GREAT, lathers up a storm, but looks boring? I made a batch of 32 bars that looked wonderful in the mold; creamy white with a wonderful pink swirl. Scented with Cherry Vanilla Swirl (from the Chemistry Store) and they are turning taupe! Not even a decent shade of brown.:undecided

Here's what I wound up doing with what I had on hand.


How do you dress up your drab bars? Maybe you don't make any! :D

Does anyone know of any vanilla that doesn't discolor? I love vanilla but there was enough in this cherry fragrance oil to really ruin a beautiful looking bar...:embarasse

Thanks for looking and for any advice you may give!

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Great Job, not drab anymore, I have a lot of people that love vanilla but I think it just is so well brown, sometimes I wrap in tissue paper and tie with wrappia, you have done a wonderful job, just more great ideas for packaging, and Robin is so right, packaging does go a long way.

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