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Christmas Open House


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So my family had their traditional turkey day dinner and I packed a small box of my candles, some homemade soap, and smellie jellies to show and tell afterwards.

As I am showing my niece's mother-in-law some of the soy candles I made and answering her questions, MY mother, who is listening to the conversation I am having, blurts out, "Oh they should come to the open house you're having."

Completely taken off guard by this comment, because I had mentioned it to my mother in passing that I was thinking of having an open house after I get some inventory, and told her that I was thinking of having it after the new year. The mother-in-law who I was talking to, comes back with "Oh you should have one before Christmas, I'm sure you'd get lots of sales for Christmas gifts."

Needless to say, I've been snookered into having an open house at MY home in 2 weeks, a week before Christmas! So instead of going to a craft show this weekend, I'm using the product I made for that display, for a full blown display at an open house for Christmas. I'll have to make more product over the next two weeks, but just from tonight's take on things, I should sell a nice amount of product at the open house.

Happy Turkey Day to all of you! :)

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