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Soap Question


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I have had a few people ask me what is the difference between my melt and pour soap and cold processed soap.

The cold processed soap, I make, so I know how to explain how I make it. I'm having a hard time explaining melt and pour.

I don't want to tell them that I just melt a block of soap and pour it in molds.

Can you share how you describe the difference to them in a way that's easy for them to understand?

Thanks so much.


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I had someone ask that once and I wish I could remember what I told them! Something to the effect that if it was cooking, CP would be the "made from scratch" recipe whereas the MP was the "doctored up cake mix" recipe. (I add things to my MP) Like I said, I didn't use that verbage, per se, but it was close to that. I made sure I let them know that I started with a base for my MP, though. I just let them know that mine has added goodies and is still a handcrafted product. I don't want to seem deceptive about it, but I don't want them discounting the soap in their minds because it is MP. I love my MP bars just as much as my CP ones! :)

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