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Yes, i finally got a throw


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:rolleyes2I wanted to thank all of you for helping me with all your tips on how to get a candle throw. Last week I finally got a throw with CS Pecan Pie. I was just very surprised on the melting and pouring tempature.

I used a Prest Pot and put it on 200 degrees waited for it to melt added the scent and die chip and poured at 122 degrees and I get a nice throw.

Even though I put the presto pot on 200 degrees I decided one day to take the temp and it was like 208 degree and the candle smells the bathroom into the kitchen, living Room and the upstairs is just awesome.

Some people were talking highly about the coconut oil....well I destroyed 9 candles.......no scent at all.

But just wanted to thank everybody.

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