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Tureen wicking question

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I'm just about at my wits end with these tureen jars! I have 3, 6, 8 and 11 oz. tureens. I've never used these before so I am just now getting around to testing them as far as wicking goes. I use GB415 w/ 1 oz. of FO per lb. My wicks I prefer and have been testing are zinc wicks. I have a variety of sizes: 44-20-18, 40-24-18, 44-32-18, 51-32-18, 60-32-18, and 62-32-18z.

On my 3 oz. I have dbl wicked using the 40-24-18 and have got fairly good results w/ using these. I get a burn time of approximately 15 hrs which doesn't seem to me to be all that long but, they are small jars and not as tall as the jelly jars I am used to. I don't know if maybe I should be getting better times or not. I also tried single wick w/ 60 and it seems to burn slower, no wax hang up, etc.

My main source of problem is coming in with using the 6 and 8 oz. jars, I've not started on the 11 oz. just yet. The 8 oz. I have dbl wicked using the 51's, get great burn as far as no wax hang up, full melt pool-the melt pool is faster than the time I should be getting as far as it taking less time that the jar is wide-the candles don't burn as long either as I felt like they should. I might be getting a little over 20 hrs. I have tried using the 60's on this jar and I get much longer burn time but, no full melt pool using these. I have tried the 62's, my melt pool is equalling the diameter of the jar as far as the time goes but, it is burning faster than the 60's which I expected and I am getting a lot more time out of them using the 62's than by dbl wicking w/ the 51's.

I hope this is making sense so far.

On the 6 oz., I am having about the same type of problems as the 8 oz.

Do any of you use these jars and the zinc wicks with soy wax? I am testing the heck out of these to try to get the best burn time I can as well as the best and cleanest burn. I have used a variety of oils as far as that goes, too. When I am testing, I am testing the same scent in each jar w/ the various wicks so I can see what each candle is doing. That way I also know that the candles only difference would be the wick size. Is there anything else that you would suggest for me to try with these as far as the wicking goes?

I can't remember right off what the burn times are with the tureens using the different size wicks. Since I am so used to using the 8 oz jelly jars and getting close to 40-45 hrs of burn time, should I expect to get less burn time with the tureens since they are shorter jars?

I hope that I have explained well enough what is happening and gave enough information but if not, let me know and I will try to explain better and answer anything that I might not have covered. This is my first experience with these jars and I am stumped right at this point so any help would be greatly appreciated. I hope I don't sound like an idiot or am asking questions that are stupid ones, I would really like to use these jars b/c I like they way they look and they so much different than what I have used in the past. I like the change I guess from the standard jelly jar that I have always used.


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I am doing some testers with a 50/50 wax and a 3oz tureen. I tried the zinc wicks and diden't like them. They left to much wax in the jar after burning. Now I am using a cdn 8 in there and it seems to be doing good. This is my second burn on this candle and i will know soon If it will burn all of the wax out of the jar or not soon. I would try a different wick with the wax you are using.

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Thanks! These are the wicks I use when wicking my jelly jars and they work great for me with those jars. I will get me some CD wicks and try them. I had wondered if maybe a different type would be better. Thanks again for the help. I really like these jars and want to get a good burn with them.

What would you suggest to use as a starting point with the 8 oz. tureens? I will get some of the CD8's for the 3 oz. I'm not familiar with these wicks at all. Any help there would be great. I have several sizes of the jars. Would it be better to use these with my jelly jars (have both 8 oz. and 12 oz.) and 10 oz. square jars also? I've used the zincs for so long that this will be a starting over process for me now. Any suggestions anyone can give would be great and I appreciated!

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That's the same place that I've been with these jars. If I use the 62 zinc I can get the candle to burn all the way, including no hang up on the sides. The candle will burn all the way down to the top of the wick tab so I do have a little wax left in the bottom of the jar, maybe less than a 1/10 of an inch so I don't consider that to be bad at all. I hate testing!!! :angry2: I know it has to be done though!!!

I have a very clean burn using the zincs with my jelly jars which is why I have stuck with them and the jelly jars.

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I uss ually use a cdn 8 for most of my jelly jars. But for the 3oz tureen it just isn't working. I have some zincs I am gonna try. maybe one will work. It is just to bad these are such a pita to wick cause I really like the jar. Oh well maybe one of us will get lucky and find the right wick :cheesy2:

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I uss ually use a cdn 8 for most of my jelly jars. But for the 3oz tureen it just isn't working.
The diameter of the tureen is wider than a jelly jar.

"Tureen Jar 3oz.

Height: 1.67"

Base Diameter: 3.04"

Widest Diameter: 3.04"

Top Diameter: 2.35""

"8 oz. jelly jar

Dimensions: Diameter: 2-5/8"

Height: 3-7/8""

Try a CDN 12 for that diameter. It isn't so much the amount of wax a container will hold that dictates the wick size, it's the diameter of it. In the case of a container whose shape is smaller at the top and wider down below, you have to wick for the wider of the two dimensions. HTH :)

The candle will burn all the way down to the top of the wick tab so I do have a little wax left in the bottom of the jar, maybe less than a 1/10 of an inch so I don't consider that to be bad at all.

It is recommended that all candles self-extinguish well before then! Read over the candle safety items at the National Candle Association's website


At least 1/2" of wax should remain in the bottom of a container candle for best safety practice. A wicktab is designed to self-extinguish at the top of it. A 4mm neck height is 0.157", 6mm = 0.236" and 10 mm = 0.393" Relying on the wicktab to self-extinguish is not a good idea (most fail due to leakage of liquid wax underneath the wicktab or through the crimp punch), which is why most candle safety organizations now recommend using the 10 mm wicktab as a backup to the customer not following instructions and extinguishing the candle at 1/2". How hot is your container at the bottom when the wax level is 1/10"?

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Your allways so wise when it comes to candles LOL

Nah - I've just made more than the average number of booboos :laugh2:

Don't feel like the Lone Ranger - Wicking tureens have given lots of people fits over the years! Please let us know how the 12 works for you. Normally, I would have thought a 14, but that container is so shallow (compared to its width), I was afraid the 14 would get the container too hot... Wide, shallow containers seem to be difficult...

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