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Question about selling..

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Basically, How do you know when to start selling? I know even 6 months into this I am very new. I truly was hoping to sell some jars at least on Ebay by the holiday season. Unfortunately, I only have about 5 candle combos that I am happy with. I am actually on the name and label stage. I am wondering is there a link or thread I could be directed to that has a basic "when to sell" guide?

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I say sell what you know. If that's 5 scents and 1 type/size jar then so be it. I only sell one size candle and have for the last 8 yrs. For 2 years before that it was only the 8oz Mason. And for most of that time I have sold tarts. I have added many scents over the years but when I started selling I probably only had about 10. Check out Natures Garden's web site they have a ton of info about the candle business. HTH

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When you are licensed, insured, and have tested and are confident!
I say sell what you know. If that's 5 scents and 1 type/size jar then so be it.

I wholeheartedly agree with both the statements above.

You did not mention how you have tested the products with which you are satisfied. It's very important to test meticulously before selling or gifting candles. If you do a forum search on testing, you'll find a lot of info on how to go about it. Once you have completed due diligence in testing, gift a few to friends who will give you reliable feedback and criticism. If that goes well, then sell the ones about which you feel confident to some friends or coworkers, etc. Ask for feedback from everyone who purchases from you. The number of different products you can make isn't important, it's the quality of the ones you make that counts! ;) Good luck. :)

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