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Wick Lines - your preferences and why? (I use whisper Jars)

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4" containers (12oz Whisper Jars), C3 wax, no color, frag only. I ordered HTP series wicks from local supplier (www.nuscentscandle.com). Only wick to create a full pool reaching edges of container was the HTP1212. Tried double wicking with smaller wicks to avoid a huge flame, but just created two melt pools that never combined.

Want to test other wick lines, but not sure the best route to start before ordering a bazillion from an out of state supplier, or paying a fortune in shipping by ordering a few here and then.

I've read some comments about Eco line wicks, and someone wicked these jars with Eco14. CandleScience website states for 3.5-4" container to use Eco16, and Eco10 for the smaller jars.

I know it's all a guessing game, but thought I'd ask for people's opinions on wick lines for soy, before I head off in the completely wrong direction. Nothing worse than starting a road trip and getting to New York, only to realize you were supposed to be in California! :confused:

Thanks for any feedback on your own experiences with different lines.


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I can't be much help on the type of wick, as I use palm wax. But as far as the Whisper 102 (12 oz) jar, I have never been able to get a correct burn with a single wick. I have been double wicking this jar and gotten very nice results. Again, I am using palm, no C3, but your best bet might be to double wick with whatever type of wick you decide to go use. Hope this helps a little.



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The shape of that lovely jar is the problem. Best suggestion would be to use a CDN 18 and burn it all the way to the bitter end before you give up on the hangup melting.

The product photo used here...


reveals something interesting about this container. It looks to me like it will burn best when poured just to the widest part of the jar... ;)

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I've recently been making a very large quantity of the Libbey 102 (12oz Whispter jars) a Christmas charity, and find I have the best results with the following using Ecosoya CB-Advanced:

- I heat the wax to 180 in a double boiler, the draw off what I need for a particular batch.

- I immediately add my liquid candle dye (NG Spectrum), and the allow the wax to cool to 150.

- I add my FO, typically an NG Christmas scent at 9% by weight, and allow it to cool to around 120-125.

- I pour into a pre-wicked Libbey 102, up to the shoulder where the lid is inserted.

For most FOs, I use an HTP105 that give a full melt pool after 2 hours, at about 3/8" deep (1 cm). I get about 70 to 80 hours of clean burning - no hangups. For a few fragrances, namely ones heavy with cinamon and such, I need to wick down to an HTP104. I've tried ECO and CSN wicks with very little success.

I do get some frosting and some wet spots - worse with greens and red, but we are in a cold climate, and all my efforts to eliminate these are usually lost the minute the person carries the candle out the door into the cold.

Hope that helps.

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"For most FOs, I use an HTP105 that give a full melt pool after 2 hours, at about 3/8" deep (1 cm). I get about 70 to 80 hours of clean burning - no hangups."

Do you have issues with the wax not burning clean from the sides of the jar? That's why I tried the HTP1212, in an effort to create a larger melt pool faster so it would reach the sides of the containers faster and possibly help with that issue. But maybe I was just aggrivating it with that thought process by creating a deeper melt pool faster in the center? Don't know. I just don't know which direction to head first. It's all a guessing game, but picking the brains of "the pros" who have been doing this longer than I have might get me headed closer to the right path.

Thank you for your information!

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As the candle burns down, I get a little hang up on the side -- not much, until the candle is about 50% burned. At this point, I think the shape of the container begins to hold the heat, and the sides become very clean. We usually burn either a 102 or a 103 (18 oz) Whisper in our studio, and the finished candle is very clean -- leaves about 10 grams of unused wax in the bottom below the wick tab. In fact, these are the candles we use to show how clean soy wax burns.

As a side note, we also make a lot of 478 Status and 807 Interlude jars, and both achieve the same effect using an HTP104.

Unfortunately, I don't have a burned down one right now -- we just finished one the other day and I have already refilled it. I'll take a picture of this one as we burn it down, just to give a point of reference.

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