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Bayberry - new name needed


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I have been playing around with some Bayberry candles and people here in Australia have no idea what it is. I am looking to rename it as it is going to go into a candle designed to be burnt in a bathroom, so need something nice for that situation.

Boston tea party is another that is just not selling for us, although the scent is very nice and refreshing. Looking to rename that one to something like Lemon Tea or such, but suggestion very welcome.

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Another name for Bayberry is Candleberry ... you could go with that.

Also, the scent description for Boston Tea Party is ... "freshly brewed iced tea with lemon" ... possible names could be ...

Tea with Lemon or Iced Tea with Lemon

Lemon Tea or Iced Lemon Tea

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Thanks guys :)

To me Bayberry has a bit of a soapy / baby powder note to it, so wanted something bathroomy. Boston tea we will probably try something like Lemon Tea, change the colour from what it is now and see if it sells. If not into the old discontinued scents basket. Such a pain pouring and shrink wrapping melts to sell cheap just to get rid of them, but we are running out of space on the shelf and in the cupboard for our oils, so anything not selling has to go.

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