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Favorite incense FOs?


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I've gotten really good results with Cedar Sage Blackberry in the past. I have some Nag Champa soaking now.

Egyptian Dragon was blow the doors off strong, I may need to reduce the DPG blend from 50/50 to something lower next time.

I think I'll soak some Strawberry Musk next and see how that goes over...

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CS Moonlake Musk is excellent in incense. As is Moonwork's Patchouli Passion. Although it's now at Elements, I believe. Peak's Black Canyon is very strong at 50/50, so that percentage could probably be adjusted.

There is a thread in the fragrance section discussing MW Merlin's Forest. Several people mentioned it's outstanding in incense. So, going to have to try some of that...

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I love incense!

All time favorite so far - Merlin's forest - heavenly! (on fastbuy till tomorrow) Try it! You will not be dissappointed! I also mixed this with cyclo & jojoba for a perfume spray and it smells wonderful!

I second the Moonlake musk and also

NG's Jovan white musk

MW Witches Brew - incredible

MW Patchouli

Pink Sugar is AWESOME - I have NG's

Nag Champa - NG's is very nice

BW Patchouli is great - but OOS or discoed - she may be getting it back, though

Dragon's Blood - I have NG's but would like to try CS's

These are my favorites so far....

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I really like NG's Bamboo Hemp for incense. Patchouli is also great for incense. Any FO that I don't like gets turned into incense, my fiance LOVES incense (I HATE it, so he only is allowed to burn it in his "mancave" lol) Oh, I think his fav was Cherry from NG. He went through those really quick and wants me to make him more. I don't make the cones, I make the sticks.

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