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facebook for business question


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I'm having trouble keeping my personal facebook page separate from my business page. Now when people find me on my website or from other business related avenues, and want to be "friends" it is going through my personal page to ask to be "friends" Totally not what I want. I don't care who looks at the business page, but I don't want EVERYONE looking at my personal page.

I'm very new to this, and only really signed up to have a business page. Can anyone explain how I can keep these pages more separated?

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When people search for things on Facebook, they just search it in the default bar which IS the "friends" search.

In other words, humans will always come up before a business result, which is why they're adding you instead of your business.

Two possible solutions:

1) Have a name for your business rather than your personal name so people will search for that name instead.

2) Have a redirect from your site to your Facebook page on a subpage. For example, yoursite.com/facebook/ redirects to your facebook page. So you can just give that URL out to people and they'll easily be able to find you.

Just a couple thoughts.

- D


[i <3 Woodwick Candles]

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Hi Derek,

wow your first post :).

I do have a separate page name (facebook.com/mybizname)

I just started putting this on my cards and on my website, so they are hopefully going to that page directly and not using the search. I guess they could search pages with my name from my card but if I give the direct link for the business that wouldn't make sense.

So if someone is on my business page and they request "friends", and I confirm, and my security settings are to allow friends to see my personal pages, doesn't that give my business page friends access to my personal?

It is annoying how confusing this is to me. I don't get why I couldn't just set this up for my business and be done with it.

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correct the business page lists people as "fans" or well now it's people who like this and "friends" are for personal pages. All the people have to do is hit the like this button on your business page of facebook to only have access to your business page assuming ofcourse you have your personal page set with privacy settings. Otherwise any Tom, Dick and Harry that knows your name can view your personal page.

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ok, that makes a little more sense. I'm not sure how this business contact got to my personal page, but she has requested to be my friend. I have my privacy settings on Friends only. Even with privacy settings set to friends only anyone can still send a friend request.

She isn't someone I'd like to include on my personal page, but I would like to keep in contact with for business. What do I do? It seems a little rude to decline her friend request but tell her to "like" my business page.

Also, I noticed that "Fan" pages can be created. I just created a regular business page when I made my page. Are they the same thing?

Another question, does anyone know if there is a way to add to the tab options that say: wall, info, photos .....

I would like to add one for reviews.

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You could always just ignore the request and not accept or decline. Really don't know what to tell you to do there as I can see your point in not wanting a customer to know everything about you that you put on your personal page but can also see the point in not wanting to offend her either by declining. As for the reviews I have one on my page ( I didn't put it there so I assumed it was just a custom link for business pages) but if you go to where all the boxes are on your business page (info, photos, etc) you will see a + at the very end. If you click on that you can add tabs from there. As for the privacy settings for your personal page I have mine on the strictest settings as there are just some people out there that I don't want to find me. If you have an ex you can understand why. You can also block people if you know their email address. HTH. Oh and I think the fan pages are ones that fans create like a fan of Jimi Hendrix created a page for him so I understand it to be two different type of pages (fans as oppossed to business)

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I had that same problem... try signing up for a new user name... go to PROFILE, then edit CONTACT INFORMATION, add/remove EMAIL, change ur username to your biz name...& BAM!!! Your personal pics shouldn't be an issue... Could you picture buying homemade candles from someone posing in a skimpy thong!!! :yay:

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