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Anyone else having problems with JS chestnuts & brown sugar?


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I was about to put in a big order for this fragranc oil and then I read the thread below that someone feels the oil has changed and is not throwing for them anymore. So now I'm scared to put the order in.

So, to help out any fellow candle makers from getting ripped off ha ha,

anyone else finding this to be true?

Or, is anyone else who has very recently ordered and received it, finding it to perform the same?

Thanks so much for helping out! Greatly appreciated!

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I have this, or I think I ordered it one of the last times I ordered... hard to keep up sometimes..lol. If I did indeed order it like I think I did I haven't had the time to try it out. It was a best seller on the site (I think their best seller). If I get the time I'll try it out and post results. I'm sure someone here can chime in.

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