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Talk about tunnel vision...


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I was delivering some candles to a wholesale account today (finally tested out Apple Harvest, yay) and had a customer at the store approach me about unscented pillars. I have been so consumed with all the fall/holiday scents that I totally forgot that some people want unscented holiday colored candles!!! She ended up ordering six 6 1/2 inch pillars in red (cranberry) and green (hunter). How did I overlook the unscented line!! Just found this funny. Got to slow down and think ahead sometimes, LOL. Off I go to get some pillars made...



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Hi Steve

Yes it is strange how you do forget about things such as that. We typically do some pillars in green, white and red over Christmas which are unscented and they usually sell pretty well. I did think it was strange a while back when I was asked if we had any unscented jar candles. Now that is something that I would not have thought about making.

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