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The Funniest Thing Happened....


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My neighbor showed up at my door last night with a huge basket of Scentsy samples and a catalog. :P She said she was having a book party for a friend and asked if I was interested.

I walked her into my kitchen and laundry room as I had been pouring testers for two days now and showed her what I had been working on.:laugh2:

She left the basket for me and my husband to go through and in all honesty, there was not one single fragrance that blew either of our socks off that we just had to have.

My husband does not have any interest in candle making, but he likes burning them and would buy several candles for the house every week until I started making them.

The most reaction either of us had was "That's not bad." There were a few "No ways" and many "It's okays."

Overall, I was extremely disappointed as this was my first experience with Scentsy and I have heard so much hype about the products. I'm sure they have great hot throw as people mention, but the fragrances offered did not impress me at all.

On second thought, I guess it is a good thing for me that the scents disappoint.:P

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