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Sweetened Flavor Oil Help Needed Please


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Hi Ladies & Gents,

I'm making lip balms now and haven't been really happy with the flavor oils I've tried from bittercreek and a candy company.

I'm looking for something that is already sweetened and has a great taste.

Any flavors are fine, I just need suppliers names please.

Thanks so much for your help.



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As a rule, flavor oils are not sweetened. If you want sweet, you need to sweeten the lip balm base. I use stevia in coconut oil from Southern Soapers, but hurry to get it as they are closing their business.

FYI...flavor oils alone smell good, but taste awful. Do not judge a flavor by taste without putting in a base first. Then decide if you would like it sweetened. There is a theory that they are not really flavors, but food safe fragrance that the nose tricks the tongue into believing it is tasting it.

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