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Made HP soap, Darwins recipe


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I had not made soap in >20 years, previously had only used tallow. I have been itching to try soap making again having seen so many lovely recipes here. So I had all of the ingredients for Darwins basic soap recipe except for the Palm Kernal, so I used tallow. I did it HP which again had never done this.

I love the final result, so moisturising, beautiful soap, I did not use fragrance or colour.

Not sure what I did wrong though as I have little white lumps in it, which have not changed it useability but obviously I did do something wrong. I had tripled the recipe but since I used my crock pot which has a very wide base the mixture barely covered the bottom.

Love hot process, wonderful way of making soap.

Thanks in advance for your advice regarding my white lump issue.

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It very well could be bits of dry hardened soap. Many times it happens when scrapping the sides of the crockpot because the soap cools and hardens there first. Could be other reasons too but that happened to me quite often when I first did HP using crockpot method. I learned to keep the sides scrapped down completely in the pot while cooking and then when I went to plop it into the mold I did not scrap the sides of the pot. I do a different HP method now so I no longer have that issue...:D

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