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storing soy wax help!!!


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You do not mention the brand, but the MSDS or TDS for soy waxes usually indicates the ideal temperature range for storage. Here's what Elevance says about the wax I use, NatureWax C3. I imagine most other waxes would have similar storage specs...

NatureWax® C-3 Container Wax

Product Specification

Date Issued: 1-Apr-09 Date Revised: 1-Apr-09

Shelf Life, Shipping, & Storage Information Product Shelf Life 365 days from Date of Pack Shipping & Storage Conditions For ease when using, store at 65 – 85 deg F. Protect from extreme heat and cold (Temperatures over 90 deg F and under 40 deg F).

Another tip is to store the wax in the dark (like in the plastic bag & heavy cardboard carton in which it is shipped), tightly sealed to prevent degradation from ultraviolet exposure and oxidation.

While many folks have stored above and below the manufacturer's recommendations, realize that this may have an impact on the wax when used. If you want the best results from your wax, follow the manufacturer's storage instructions. HTH :)

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I store all my wax in the garage. :shocked2:

No problems for me with the extreme hot or cold that I have found so far. Been storing it that way for 6 years as I have no other choice for the amount of wax I order.

But if you can store it the way the manufacture recommends, then do so.

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