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Having a hissy fit with Supplier


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I need to vent a little, since the supplier doesn't seem to give a hoot or a holler....

I have been a customer of AH/RE for 4 years, and went to place an order last week, the Foaming Bath Base said temp OOS. There are 2 #s listed for online orders, I left a VM Thursday, a VM Friday (I think they are closed that day so w/e)

Monday afternoon I'm getting nervous, in the middle of Craft Shows & Holiday orders and all. I call the 2nd # and get Ms. What-theHell-r-u-Bothering-Me-With-This, she sighs and said I don't know I'll have to check. She comes back and says not until NEXT YEAR??? Are you freakin' kidding me?? I said. Nope. No sorry, big problem, just "too bad so sad your dad and goodbye". I shot off an email but still haven't heard from anyone. My other suppliers would def give their customers a heads up, many show LOW stock on the product. NEXT YEAR?? And not getting an answer makes me want to pull all of my business. Lemon juice in my papercuts I tell ya.........gosh......:mad: thanks for listening...I hope they get coal in their stocking....

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