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candle label question

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Hi all,

Do any of you make your own candle labels? I used to purchase them made for me, but then I have to add another label with scent name separate to save costs. Plus the person I used to purchase from is no longer reliable. I have purchased some clip art that I have tried to use in the past, but having a hard time with Word. Is there any progam any of you can suggest that may be more user friendly for creating a nice professional looking label? TIA!

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I use the one from Avery. You can download it for free at avery.com. It's called DesignPro. Its a wonderful program you can create all kinds of labels using avery labels or design your own size label.

I use it for everything, candles, lip balm, lotion, body creams, etc. I even use it to make cigar labels for my soap, biz cards, post cards, table signs. Its very versatile and easy to learn to use.

You can also insert photos into your labels and also edit them and enhance them, and crop, resize, etc. Very helpful.

Be warned-- if you have Windows 7 it does not work well with this program. I use Windows XP and it works perfect with it.

Before I used the DesignPro I purchased a Labelmaker program from Staples for $20. It also makes very nice labels and is easy to use but does not have all the bells and whistles of the Avery DesignPro.

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