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Wicking parasoy blend 4630 & 464


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I'm using those two waxes as well, just at different percentages. I'm doing 90/10 (and will be testing 95/05) with the majority being 464. I really like this wax and just haven't been able to tame it at 100% soy. I'm just using the 4630 to stabilize the wax with the frosting and morphing. Has done really well at the 10%. Going to try the 5% just because.

Anway, with this wax I prefer the Eco's. I think I get a better hot throw and the fragrance seems to be more true. Problem I have is some mushrooming and I think the wick gets too hot in the bottom half of the container. CD wicks have a wonderful burn. Nice curl, no mushroom. Only I don't think the HT is as good and I get a slight wick/fuel smell. Or, at least I think so. Could be I have candle nose by now. Need to get some of these containers to my testers for some feedback.

Depending on the fragrance oil, you can get a nice burn from the LX's. I've tried HTP's and RRD's and wasn't impressed. But, others have used them successfully. Haven't tried any zinc wicks.



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