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Ouick books or Quicken with paypal


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I have Quickbooks Pro 2011 and it doesn't have native Paypal features (that I know of.) There is a company selling an add-on that will accomplish this but I've never used it.]


They do have a free trial BUT, if you are trying to decide which software to by based on Paypal integration, that does you no good ;-).

I must say, I enjoy Quickbooks but it sort of makes me mad that there are so many "features" or buttons in Quickbooks that actually cost extra money...I feel like I'm using a big advertisement sometimes with all of the different buttons that take you to a page to buy this or that. I understand charging for extra features but do you really have to push them on me that hard...especially after I've already paid $200+. In other words, I'd like my paid version of Quickbooks NOT to have so many links to the extra services; I can find the way to their website if I decide to purchase something extra.

I would imagine Quicken is the same way since it comes from the same company. Also, if seriously considering Quicken, make sure it has the business features you need since it is focused more for personal use.

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