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Cranberry Marmalade and Mistletoe?


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I've come up with so many new blends that way just having two candles just mingle in the house. I've also created things that will make you gag. The most recent was Vicks vapor rub 1st floor, Lemon lavendar guest bathroom and Chocolate cream chesse cupcake family room. It was so horrible but it was nice outside that day so I was able to air out the house quickly.

I bet you the cran marm and mistletoe would be really good.

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LOL Judy! That's a good one :laugh2:

I'm not a big fan of pine scents but it was a good seller for me last year and most likely will be a hit again this year.

Cranberry Marmalade is one of my favorite scents all year long and that one sells quick.

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Yum! I have two jars of Mistletoe test-burning in the living room and two of Cranberry Marmalade in the family room. Love them both, but when I come down the stairs I smell both and I LUUUUUUVVVV it!

Does anybody mix the two? (Oh, both from CS)


If you don't mind sharing, what type of wax and wicks do you use and how long do you let them cure for?

I poured both on the 10th and can't wait to test them. Maybe I should ask for some patience for Christmas. :rolleyes2

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